Fifty shades of digital darling. From custom chatbots, web & funnel builder, SEO, social media, Facebook & Google Ads, custom print, lifestyle guides, sassy copy, video, design, search, coaching and influencer events - we do it all!


We'll help you rise to the top faster than an East-side Gossip Girl. You're not like the rest of them darling. Neither are we.


Let us take you from zero to Ziggy Stardust hero!

Your name deserves to be a shining star!


We only work with the best specialists in each field so you get only the cream of the crop.


We put the pro in professional & the fun in functional. We love media like Kanye loves Kanye.


We stay on the pulse of the latest innovations in technology so we can get you 'To Infinity & Beyond' faster than Buzz Lightyear. 


We strike deals like Harvey Spector, have the oratory skills of Claire Underwood and the sass of Queen B.

Funky Necklace
Bodhi Mary Hunter

Founder & Chief Imagineer

We are a cool collective of creatives change-makers, boundary-pushers & rule-breakers.

We are goal diggers with an international smile, spirit hustlers who go the extra mile.

We believe in dreaming big, and making it happen. #YOLO

With over 20 years experience in marketing, sales, production, business, photography, design, print & more this creative producer is passionate about making you a STAR so your business name is in lights brighter than Hollywood

(*cue Entourage music here!).

Our team is a talented bunch has videographers, photographers, creative copywriters, designers, digital experts, social media managers, SEO specialists and so much more. 


With a focus on creative, independent, edgy and our flock thinks outside of the square. We love a challenge and have over 500 years combined experience. That's a heck of a lot!


Our team motto is 'All for fun, and fun for all'. Check us out, stalk us and say HI. We also give good hugs and make a mean dirty martini. Shaken, not stirred.


Together the future is bright, make sure you have good shades.